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WTIA Phone Plan

Introducing the WTIA Phone Plan, a great new benefit offering for WTIA Members. Join today.

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The WTIA Phone Plan

The WTIA Phone Plan provides savings and convenience that you can’t find anywhere else using the same proven structure as our Health Insurance and 401k Plans. We started offering the plan to our own employees and it has since spread throughout the company, its families, and our members.

We’re partnering with Verizon, America’s best network, to provide this offering. Here’s what you get when you join:

$45/Month per Line

Plus $10/month for taxes/surcharges for a total of $55/month. We think transparent pricing should be more prevalent in the phone industry.

$5 off Your Monthly Bill with Device Purchase

Purchase a device from us and make your monthly base service $40/month per line for the following 10 months.

$200 Credit Towards the Purchase of a Device

$200 off the purchase of a device when you sign up & every 10 months after that. No more waiting years to get an upgrade!

Turn Your Old Phone into Cash

Avoid the hassles of a secondary market by selling your new or used devices through our WTIA BuyBack Program. We want you on our plan, so we aim to offer competitive buyback offers–think of it as an extra rebate on top of a device purchase.

International Travel Options

We have a variety of travel packages to cover you wherever you roam–some of them are not even available on the open market.

Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

On the Verizon USA Network.

Company and Individual Billing Configurations

Whether your company gives employees company devices, pays for part (or all!) of employee’s wireless service via expense reporting, or currently offer no wireless benefits at all, WTIA’s Phone Plan can be tailored to fit your needs.

No Hidden Fees

Many wireless plans now charge “access fees” per line on top of the actual service fees that are shown on their sites. With our plan, you know exactly what you’ll be charged, with no surprises.

No Service Contracts

Leave whenever you want, but we will always shed a tear when you do. To prevent abuse, if you use the device credit and leave before you reach 2 months of service with us, we do ask for it back.

Dedicated Account Reps

We offer assistance for all of your wireless needs, saving you the hassle. Why languish on the phone with customer service yourself when we can do it for you?

Have we caught your attention? Please use the following contact form, and our Phone Plan specialist will reach out directly.

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