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We consolidate the power of member companies
to solve business challenges they cannot easily solve alone.


WTIA uses group buying power to help tech companies grow profitably. We act as a unifying, independent voice to inform and motivate industry, education, and government peers to collaborate productively.

Individually Unique, Together Complete


Washington state produces jobs 10x faster than it produces talent


Washington state is the #1 tech recruiter in the country

It is, therefore, our right and obligation to engage in public discourse on education, workforce development, transportation and housing while also serving as subject matter experts on tech topics like computer science curriculum, cyber security, privacy, etc.

Member companies
Lives covered by world-class health care
From the federal government to expand apprenticeship program across the country
In state public and private funding for Computer Science in K-12

We provide our member companies:

  • Collectively bargained HR benefits
  • Talent pipeline support & development
  • Best practices in tech & human resources
  • 100+ events FREE to employees
  • Advocacy amplifier
  • Public policy voice
  • Benchmarking data on the industry

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