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Phone Plan FAQ


Can I use my existing phone?

That depends. If you are already a Verizon, the answer is yes! If you are on T-Mobile, AT&T, or another carrier then you will most likely need a new phone that is compatible with the Verizon network. If you currently have Sprint or Boost Mobile and would be interested in keeping your device, please alert your Phone Plan Specialist, and they will work with you to see if your device is compatible.

Will I get to keep my current cell phone number?


If I need to add a new line for an employee that is not local to Washington, will I be able to get them a number with an area code local to them?

Yes! Area codes can be chosen by zip code, so local numbers are obtainable.

What happens when a member of the plan no longer works for their company?

The nature of our plan is that it can only be offered to employees of our member organizations. As such, if an employee is no longer working for a Member Company of WTIA, they must move off of our plan.

Former Employees will have 7 days following your last day to move your phone off of the plan to either another carrier or another Verizon plan. If you fail to do so, your service and number will be cut off. Please contact us for assistance.

My company uses a Device Enrollment Program through Apple, can we still join WTIA’s Phone Plan?

Yes! Apple’s deployment program is 100% compatible with WTIA’s program, and switching will not impact your configuration through the program. Please contact us for more info!

Do I have to sign up for a certain length of service if I buy a phone?

You may leave and take the phone with you at any time. In order to avoid abuse of the discount offering we ask that payment be made for at least two months of service. If you wish to leave prior to the two months, an early termination fee of $200 will be applied to offset the device credit provided.


What are some examples of great deals on phones?

Get an iPhone XS for $799.99, a Samsung Galaxy S10 for $649.99, or an iPhone 7 for $249.99. For more prices please see our pricing table.

How often can I take advantage of the discount to purchase a new phone?

You can purchase a new phone for each line every 10 months at the discounted rates.

I recently bought a new phone on AT&T. Will WTIA buy back my AT&T phone?

Yes, WTIA will buy back your phone for a competitive rate via our buy back program. For more details on this program, please contact us.


Are there insurance plans for devices and what do they cost?

Yes, insurance is offered for $10 a month through Verizon. You may only add insurance to a phone within 7 days of purchase.


Can I use my unlimited data to create a cellular hotspot?

For an additional charge per month, you can turn your phone into a hotspot with unlimited data.

Can I add a Mifi hotspot to the plan?

Yes and they may also be purchased for $50 + monthly service ($40.01/month).

International Service

Will I be able to use my phone when I travel abroad?

Yes! You also will have a number of options available to best suit your needs. Please see the Resources page for more info on the available packages.

What is the process for adding an international package?

Members can submit form providing travel details via the Resources page, or can call/email the Plan Admin directly.


How would I pay for a new phone and coverage?

Our Phone Plan can be tailored to suit any company’s needs depending on the type of benefit. At a high level though, here are your options:

  • Company Level Billing – you receive one invoice per month which will have a line item for each employee that has joined our plan. It is then up to you whether you would like to pay for their service, or bill for a portion  or the total via payroll deductions.
    • For example, here’s how WTIA structures the benefit for our employees: The cost of employee’s line of service will be paid for by WTIA as an employee benefit. All phones and family/friend lines added will be deducted from employee’s paycheck every month.
  • Individual Billing – Each signed up employee will be billed individually for their service. Devices are billed as a line item on their regular monthly invoice.

Fees and Taxes

What is included in the monthly $10 for surcharges and taxes?

As the exact tax charged to each line varies slightly each month (typically between $9.50 and $10.50), we flat rate the tax at $10 per month for the convenience of our members. Here is a sample breakdown of charges:

  • Regulatory Charge $0.21
  • Effect of Seattle City Tax $2.95
  • Fed Universal Service Charge $1.92
  • WA State 911 Fee $0.25
  • King County 911 Surcharge $0.70
  • King County RTA Tax-Telecom $0.86
  • Seattle City Sales Tax-Telecom $2.74
  • WTIA Phone Plan billing round up $0.37

Total: $10.00

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