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How The WTIA Phone Plan Stacks Up To Competitors

How the WTIA Phone Plan Stacks up to Competitors

It’s easy for us to tell you about the great pricing on the WTIA Phone Plan—it’s hard to beat $50/month* for Unlimited Everything on the nation’s best carrier. That includes taxes/fees.

What can be hard though, is showing just how much money we can actually save you. With the way wireless plans are advertised these days, it can be confusing to sort out how bills are actually broken down, and how much you’re actually paying for what.

That’s why we’re proud to present our quick and easy cost comparison charts, which show advertised costs across the major wireless carriers’ unlimited plans. Note that these are individual and family plan costs, as advertised by the carriers. Business wireless plan structures are a bit more complex, so if you’re interested in a cost comparison on a business account, please reach out to us.

Click to expand.
Click to expand.

If you’d be interested in digging further into what your costs would look like on the WTIA Phone Plan (business or personal), please reach out to

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