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Welcome to WTIA’s Phone Plan!

Thanks so much for joining, we’re so excited to bring this awesome deal to you! On this page you’ll find all of the information you need to get started. Please be sure to read through carefully.

Subscriber Resources

Subscriber Resources

Plan subscribers can access resources such as device upgrade order forms, international travel plan requests, and important contact numbers under the Resources menu item above.

To access this section of the site, please use key phase: phonemep

Billing & Payments

Your company will be billed directly for your service. Please contact your company’s Phone Plan administrator for details on billing and payments (if applicable).

Important Information regarding Verizon Stores

Our offering is not publicly available and we are not a business account, therefore Verizon store employees will not be able to help you. Do not go to a Verizon Store. If you are having an issue with your device, your service, or anything else related to your wireless service, please reach out to, or call 206-707-7959.

International Travel


You must alert WTIA of upcoming international travel. This can be done by either using this form, or by sending your travel dates and locations to A number of options are available to you depending on your needs while abroad. Please contact the above email address for specifics by country, but at a high level, your options are as follows:


  • Unlimited Talk/Text/Data: $7/week


  • TravelPass: $20 plus $10/day
    • Includes Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data
    • Please see this link for countries covered by TravelPass
  • Unlimited Data Only: $5/week
  • 100 Talk Minutes/Texts/MB’s of Data: $40
  • 250 Talk Minutes/Texts/MB’s of Data: $85


If you frequently make calls abroad, the international fees can add up very quickly. For an additional $15/month, enjoy unlimited long distance calls from the US to landline phones in over 70 countries, mobile phones in nearly 40, and make discounted calls to an additional 160+ destinations.

Device Upgrades

One of the best parts of your new phone plan is the device discount–every 10 months you’ll be credited $200 towards the purchase of a new device. Even better, you’ll receive an additional $5 off your monthly bill for service for the following 10 months after you upgrade! Device discount is only valid for a period of 45 days from the time you become eligible to upgrade. Your WTIA Phone Rep will let you know when you are eligible to upgrade

HotSpots, JetPack, and Tablets


HotSpots allow you to create an Internet connection for up to 5 mobile devices on a 3G phone and up to 10 on a 4G LTE smartphone. After a few quick steps, the phone creates its own secure Wi-Fi network, which your devices can join. There’s no need for a USB cable, and multiple users can share your phone’s mobile data plan.

HotSpots can be added to your plan at any time, and removed with no penalty.

Small HotSpot (Unlimited data, speed throttles at 10GB) – $5/month
Large HotSpot (Unlimited data, speed throttles at 25GB) – $10/month

JetPacks – $39.99/month

The Jetpack is a portable mobile hotspot device that lets you share your Verizon Wireless network connection with multiple devices. You can connect multiple devices at a time such as tablets, smartphones, notebooks, netbooks, cameras and gaming devices.

There are several reasons you might consider using a Jetpack as a Mobile Hotspot instead of your smartphone or tablet:

  • Battery life – A Jetpack has its own battery so it won’t drain the battery on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Flexibility – If you’re sharing your network connection with others, you can leave it behind for them to continue using instead of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Calls – Only smartphones with HD Voice can use data and make calls simultaneously. With a Jetpack, you’ll be able to talk and use data at the same time.
  • Privacy – If your smartphone is being used as a Mobile Hotspot you have to stay within 30 feet of the devices connected to it, but if you’re using a Jetpack as a Mobile Hotspot that doesn’t matter.


Tablets can also be added to our plan for an additional monthly charge depending on how much data you need for the device:

  • 2GB – $30/month (Overage fee – $10/1GB added)
  • 4GB – $45/month (Overage fee – $10/1GB added)
  • Unlimited – $50/month

Leaving the WTIA Phone Plan

The nature of our plan is that it can only be offered to employees of our member organizations. As such, if you are no longer employed by a Member Company of WTIA, you sadly must move off of our plan.

You will have 7 days following your last day to move your line and any associated lined off of the plan to either another carrier or another Verizon plan. If you fail to do so, your service and number will be cut off. Please reach out to your WTIA Phone Plan Representative for assistance with this transition.

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